Research Groups

Information, Communication and Digital Cultures

Information, Communication and Digital Cultures

The “Digital Culture” IMG comprises two essential operational strands, arising from the Group’s main components: Information and Communication. It focuses on the study of the production, organization, use, and dissemination of information, with an emphasis on the cultural dimensions of communication in atulity.

The GI has been developing innovative research in the fields of information and communication, knowledge and research on data management, media studies, digital cultures, infocommunication literacy, information gathering techniques, online knowledge transfer processes, creative industries and entrepreneurship, and a comprehensive set of other intersecting themes. It supports online publications, such as e-book collections, and other means of dissemination, such as international conferences and workshops. It features an extensive set of successful collaborations with official agencies, programs and networks, both national and international.

For the period 2018-22, the GI “Digital Culture” intends to contribute in key areas to CITCEM’s mission, putting its technological and digital skills at the service of an interdisciplinary research in Heritage and Human Social Sciences, which is intended to be cutting edge. The inclusion of this GI represents for CITCEM an opportunity to expand with greater depth into the areas of information, communication and digital media platforms. New research and dissemination opportunities are opened in line with CITCEM’s current vision and strategy, with the ultimate goal of creating new digital knowledge paths of international reach.