Research Groups

Information, Communication and Digital Cultures
Information, Communication and Digital Cultures

Keyword(s): Digital culture Infocommunication Literacy, Places of memory

In the period 2025-29, this RG will seek to focus on 3 fundamental axes, aggregating the activity of its various members, in conjunction with CITCEM’s strategic project:

1. Infocommunication in Context(s) – This axis includes research on: Cyberjournalism (and journalism in general); Communication, structures, and effects, including public and political, governmental, scientific communication/information and open data; Digital culture (management practices/strategies and mediation issues in the cultural and creative sectors); Organization and representation of information, information, and knowledge management.

2. Literacy(s) – Literacy is conceived as a center of knowledge, skills and connection to communities, and, in this sense, it encompasses the ability to correctly interpret and use information, which is essential in the life of communities and can enhance the different aspects that allow citizens to be empowered in their lives and citizenship. Literacy or different literacies are elements of community cohesion, and the study and development of knowledge repositories are lines of strategic action in the fields of information, communication and digital inclusion. This axis includes research on: Health literacy, Governance literacy and Information behavior.

3. Places of memory and digital convergence Memory (individual and collective/social) is an unquestionable factor in the identity of communities and people. Between information and memory there is a natural relationship of interdependence, as without careful selection and adequate preservation of information it is not possible to guarantee its long-term durability, with a view to maintaining and valuing the organic memory and identity of communities and peoples. This axis includes research on information evaluation; archives and repositories management; preservation of information; public policies for long-term information management.