Diogo Antonio Correia Vivas

Diogo Antonio Correia Vivas

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Biographical note

He was born in 1983 in Veiros (Estremoz).
He has a degree in History (2005) and a post-graduate degree in Contemporary History (2010) from the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa. Master in Information and Documentation Sciences (specialization in Archivistics) from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon (2013), with a dissertation on the career of librarian and archivist Mário Alberto Nunes Costa. PhD student in Information Science at the Faculty of Arts, University of Coimbra, where he is preparing his doctoral thesis on Ecclesiastical Archives in Portugal: the case of the Diocese of Algarve.
He was Senior Technician at the Municipality of Estremoz (2006-2010), where he began his professional activity as a trainee in the Municipal Archive; Research Fellow of the Foundation for Science and Technology at the Museum of the Presidency of the Republic (2011-2016) under the project “Biographical Research António José de Almeida” and, since June 2017, Senior Technician at the Municipality of Lagoa (Algarve), where he coordinates the respective Municipal Archive, since July 2018.
Coordinated the publication of the proceedings of the symposia: “Between keeping everything and losing nothing. The role of municipal archives in safeguarding local memory” and “Lagoa, Poder Local e Municipalismo. 245 anos de criação do concelho de Lagoa (1773-2018)”, both in 2021, and directs the “Arade. Magazine of the Municipal Archive of Lagoa” (no. 1 – 2022).
Research interests: Ecclesiastical Archives; Information Science; Paleography; History of Municipalism and Local Government