Paula Maria Guerra Tavares

Paula Maria Guerra Tavares

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Paula Guerra is Professor of Sociology at the University of Porto, Portugal, and Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University, Centre for Social and Cultural Research, Australia. Her research is on the sociology of culture, of youth and arts. Among her books are the co-edited collections The Punk Reader: Research Transmissions from the Local and the Global (Intellect, 2019) and DIY Cultures and Underground Music Scenes (Routledge, 2018). She is the founder/coordinator of the Keep It Simple, Make It Fast Punk and Related International Network (; and of Rede Todas As Artes: Luso-Afro-Brazilian Network of the Sociology of Culture and the Arts. Guerra is chair of the Portuguese branch of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music and a board member of the European Sociological Association’s Research Network Sociology of the Arts. She coordinates several research projects subordinated to the youth cultures, sociology of the arts and culture, co-creation, methodology and research techniques, DIY cultures, among other subjects. She has likewise advised and supervised several Masters, PhD and Post-Doc projects in the aforementioned areas. She is editor-in-chief (with Andy Bennett) of a new journal, DIY, Alternative Cultures and Society (Sage).