Resources: Rock-cut graves of Northern Portugal and the Douro Valley (SER-NPVD)

The project “Rock-cut graves of Northern Portugal and the Douro Valley (SER-NPVD) ” aims to compile and systematize information on the graves located in this vast area of Portuguese territory and to make the data available to the scientific community and the general public.

The aim is to offer a tool to support the elaboration of regional or supraregional studies that seek to analyze the evolution of the organization of the landscape and the structuring of the territory in high medieval times.

This database is not a finished work because a study with such a wide territorial scope will not be free of information gaps. In addition, the growing number of archaeological works that have been developed, both archaeological excavation and systematic prospection, will certainly contribute to the identification of new stations with graves dug in the rock or to the relocation of others, which, having already been identified or referred to, their exact location was unknown.

In order to keep the database under constant review and update, a contact form is available from which new information can be provided or existing information can be completed.

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