Francisco Topa

Francisco Topa

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FRANCISCO TOPA (b. Porto, 1966) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Romance Studies of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto and a member of CITCEM. She teaches Brazilian Literature and Culture, Textual Criticism, African Literatures, and Oral and Marginal Literatures. She got her PhD in Literature in 2000 from the same school with a thesis on the baroque poet Gregório de Matos. He obtained in 2016, also at FLUP, the title of Aggregate in Literary, Cultural and Interartistic Studies, specialty of Literature and Culture. He is, since 2019, responsible for the Agostinho Neto Chair at FLUP.
His research has been directed towards Portuguese and Brazilian literature, especially 17th and 18th century, African literature, and some areas of oral and marginal literature. Among the nearly 200 works that he published, it is possible to highlight the following volumes, all from 2022: Cláudio Grugel do Amaral – Monte de Apolo, Parnas of the Muses (Introduction, edition and notes); Agostinho Neto: The death of the ‘heroic fighter for the liberation of the peoples’ in the Portuguese newspapers; Heritage in extinction? Forms and uses of oral and/or popular literature; Verses from the Monte Testáceo: Luso-Brazilian seven and eighteenth-century chronicles.