Projects of CITCEM researchers among the 45 COST Actions approved

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Projects of CITCEM researchers among the 45 COST Actions approved

“Women on the Move” and “Language in the Human-Machine Era” are the two projects that integrate the 45 approved COST Actions in which CITCEM researchers participate. “Women on the Move” (CA19112)incorporates a multidisciplinary European network of researchers who focus on the topic of women’s mobility, long-term mobility, and women’s work from 1500 to the present. Her research areas include history, archaeology, gender studies, cultural studies, economics, and social studies, and Action aims to highlight the presence and economic contributions of female migrants in European history and its overseas projections. Amélia Polónia (responsible for its coordination at FLUP/CITCEM) and Rosa Capelão are the two CITCEM researchers involved in this project. Marie-José Ruiz, from the Université de Picardie Jules Verne (France) is the main proponent of the project. This action is part of an active international cooperation with seven partner countries (Australia, China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong SAR, India, Kazakhstan and Nigeria).

“Language in the Human-Machine Era” (CA19102) looks to the future and aims to investigate language mediated in real time by technology in the human-machine era. The aim of this action is to prepare linguistics and its subdisciplines for the future by facilitating indispensable dialogues between linguists and new technologies, preparing them for intervention in a man-machine era. Luciana Bessa is the CITCEM researcher that integrates this action, coordinated by Dave Sayers, from the Department of Language and Communication Studies of the University of Jyväskylä (Finland). Major research areas include literary studies, language studies, and computer science, with special emphasis on the areas of artificial intelligence, human-machine interfaces, and virtual and augmented reality. This project includes an industrial dimension, and is supported by large Greek companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from Greece, Latvia, Canada, and Sweden. It also has the cooperation of partners in five countries beyond Europe (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, USA).


Although the COST Actions have already been awarded, there is the possibility that interested researchers from all over Europe may still join the teams of these Actions. You can check their listing here.