Paula Maria de Carvalho Pinto Costa

Paula Maria de Carvalho Pinto Costa

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PhD in History (1999), with a thesis on A Ordem do Hospital em Portugal: da Idade Média à Modernidade (edited in Militarium Ordinum Analecta, vol. 3 / 4. Porto: Fundação Engenheiro António de Almeida, 1999/2000). I am associate professor at the Department of History and Political and International Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, and researcher at the Center for Transdisciplinary Research ‘Culture, Space e Memory’ (CITCEM), research group Sociability and Religious Practices. I am also corresponding academic member of the Portuguese Academy of History and of the Portuguese Academy of the Navy, and member of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East (SSCLE). I am leading expert on Military Orders and I am used to teamwork and working on a collaborative basis. As main research interests I have very extensive experience in researching the history of the military religious orders, from the 11th to the 16th centuries, in the context of their origin in the Latin East and their insertion in Portuguese and in European contexts, and also as the Portuguese municipalities. Concerning the scientific outputs, I have integrated national and international research projects, as well as networks of researchers in the scientific fields in which I am included. I have supervise or co-supervise several PhD theses and master theses and I have been member of some academic juries concerning the evaluation of several theses and scientific meetings. I also collaborate with some scientific journals, from Portugal and abroad, either as member of their editorial boards or as peer-reviewer of scientific papers. I am the author /co-author of c.150 publications (books, book chapters, dictionary entries, texts in conference proceedings and journal papers).