Elisa de Noronha Nascimento

Elisa de Noronha Nascimento

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Elisa Noronha is an Assistant Researcher at the Transdisciplinary Research Centre Culture, Space and Memory /Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the U.Porto (CITCEM/FLUP). With a Ph.D. in Museology, her area of expertise is the intersection between Museology and Artistic Studies, Studies, assuming the point of confluence between museums and contemporary art (collections, exhibitions, agents, institutionalisms, etc.) as an essential form of thought and provocation to thought. Her current research interests focus on the relationship between contemporary art, heritage, and community engagement; and its implications for narratives and museological discourses, which concerns issues of ethics, inclusion, the right to memory (past/present/future), and knowledge sharing. Since 2014 she has collaborated as a Guest Assistant Professor in the 2nd and 3rd Cycles in Museology of FLUP and the 2nd Cycle in Museological and Curatorial Studies of the Faculty of Fine Arts of U.Porto, lecturing disciplines and supervising doctoral and master’s studies that relate to her areas of specialization. In the last 05 years, she has developed and participated in research projects, published articles and presented communications, and organized actions of a scientific, cultural and artistic nature, such as seminars and exhibitions that contributed to the advancement, dissemination, and transmission of knowledge in the area of museology and contemporary art. In these last 05 years, she has also worked as a consultant in the area of museology, creating and collaborating in the management of cultural and educational projects carried out by the Cerveira Biennial Art Foundation, funded either by the Directorate-General for Arts (Ministry of Culture| Portugal) or by European Structural and Investment Funds (North 2020).
Elisa Noronha also develops a more authorial work that started with an artistic practice centered on video art and which currently takes place with the curatorship of exhibitions and other artistic/cultural productions.