Eventos: A Dialogue Between Emerging Realities: the New Kingdoms and the Apostolic see in the Twelfth Century
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A Dialogue Between Emerging Realities: the New Kingdoms and the Apostolic see in the Twelfth Century

A dialogue between emerging realities : the New Kingdoms and the Apostolic See in the twelfth century

26-27 September 2024 , Faculdade de Letras , Universidade do Porto (Porto)


The aim of this conference is to analyse the relations between the Apostolic See and the new political realities emerging in Europe in the first half of the twelfth century. The idea is to tackle
the so called “peripheries” through the often overlooked point of view of Rome and to consider both the centre (the Apostolic See) and these kingdoms as “work s in progress”, always looking for
opportunities to be acknowledged. This approach will also help in highlighting how external institutions contributed to the elaboration of the Roman primacy.

This conference will be part of the project The Pope’s men. Papal legates, judges delegate, and representatives in the Iberian Peninsula (XI XIII centuries) centuries), FCT 2022.00422.CEECIND

Organising committee: Enrico Veneziani, Universidade do Porto; Luís Carlos Amaral, Universidade do Porto

Scientific committee: Luís Carlos Amaral, Universidade do Porto ; Inês Amorim, Universidade do Porto; Glauco Maria Cantarella, Università di Bologna; Maria Cristina Cunha, Universidade do Porto; Luigi Russo, Università Europea di Roma; Enrico Veneziani, Universidade do Porto.

The organising committee invite s proposals for individual 20 minute papers on any aspect of the relationships of the following “New K ingdoms with the Apostolic See in the twelfth century

– Kingdom of Sicily
– Kingdom of Portugal
– Kingdom of Pamplona (Navarre)
– Crown of Aragon
– Outremer

Proposals should be submitted as Word attachments via email to thenewkingdomsconference@gmail.com no later than 7 January 2024.  A proposal should comprise: paper title and language of presentation; a brief abstract ( 200 words); the speaker’s details (name; academic status; institutional affiliation; email address). Paper may be delivered in these languages: English; French; Italian; Portuguese; Spanish. V irtual presentation ( is possible for those who are unable to attend in person.

Invited speakers include:
Prof. Umberto Longo (Università La Sapienza)
Prof. Nicolangelo D’Acunto (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
Prof. Glauco Maria Cantarella (Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna)
Prof. Damian J. Smith St Louis University
Prof. Luís Carlos Amaral Universidade do Porto
Prof. Luigi Russo (Università Europea di Roma)

The selected speakers would be notified by the end of January 2024.