Arts and Creativity in the Digital Era #5

Tipo: Seminário


Data: 16 Maio 2019

Arts and Creativity in the Digital Era #5
Cultural Policies: from EU cohesion policies to local and regional policies

Cultural policies have been more and more embedded in economic policies, both at the EU level and the national and local/regional one. On the one hand, the cultural and artistic fields are being redefined, covering a wider range of activities, agents and goals (in which digitisation and ICTs are playing an important role); on the other hand, the rationale for cultural policies is allowing increasingly ambiguous and instrumental conceptions, especially with regard to economic-driven objectives for culture.

This seminar addresses the question of how EU cultural orientations and programmes relate to and impact national and local/regional cultural policies.


UPTEC - BAIXA (Praça Coronel Pacheco nº2)
10:00 | MAY 16