Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing in Creative Industries

Tipo: Conferência

Local: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Data: 11 Março 2019

Speaker: Geoffrey Graybeal

Dr. Graybeal is a clinical assistant professor at Georgia State University. Research-wise, he is a media management scholar and entrepreneur who uses management theory to explore issues of media sustainability. He studies entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education, online and mobile strategy, new business models, micropayments and crowdfunding, among other topics. He has published research in journals such as the International Journal on Media Management and Journal of Media Business Studies. His work developing a modified news micropayment model has even been featured on PBS’ MediaShift blog. He co-founded Lede, LLC, a social media and business model innovation consultancy, while earning his doctorate. Prior to coming to Georgia State, Dr. Graybeal taught courses on entrepreneurship and media management for several years, served as a mentor to a number of startups, developed and led a student pitch competition, and contributed to developing an emerging entrepreneurial ecosystem in West Texas.


11th March | 17h30
Tower B, Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Room 309
Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto