INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR “Dress and Textiles of MultiCultural Medieval Iberia: production, trade and consumption”

Tipo: Seminário

Local: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Data: 13 Junho 2019 14 Junho 2019

International Seminar “Dress and Textiles of Multicultural Medieval Iberia”

Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Porto, CITCEM
13-14 June 2019



Registration required (free)


13 June | Sala de Reuniões 1, 2nd floor


9.30 Opening, Amélia Polónia (CITCEM’s Scientifc Coordinator)

Chair: Joana Sequeira


9h45 Researching Medieval Dress and Textiles - an Overview

Gale Owen-Crocker, University of Manchester


10h15 From the Five Kingdoms to the Hispanic Monarchy: Political Structures, Ideology and Historical Development in the Medieval Iberian Peninsula (1157-1504)

David Nogales, University Autónoma de Madrid

10h35 Discussion


10h55 Coffee Break


11h15 Medieval textiles: the value of techniques

Silvia Saladrigas, Centre Documentació i Museu Tèxtil, Terrassa

11h35 Discussion


11h55 The Textile Industry in al-Andalus

Adela Fábregas García,University of Granada

12h15 Discussion


12h35 Lunch


Chair: Maria Barrigón


14h30 Cloth trade in the Iberian Kingdoms during the Late Middle Ages

Máximo Diago Hernando, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid

14h50 Discussion


15h10 Textiles in the Crown of Aragón

Germán Navarro Espinach, University of Zaragoza

15h30 Discussion


15h50 Coffee Break


16h10 Flax, wool and silk: textile industries in Medieval Portugal

Joana Sequeira, CITCEM, University of Porto

16h30 Discussion


16h50 The silk trade and the Jews in Medieval Iberia

Nahum Ben-Yehuda, Bar Ilan University


17h10 Discussion


17h30 Book lauch Migrant Merchants. Trade, Nation, and Religion in Seventeenth-Century Hamburg and Portugal, by Jorun Poettering (Presentation by Amélia Polónia and the author)


18h00 End of works



14 June | Sala de reuniões 1, 2nd floor


Chair: Nahum Ben-Yehuda


10h00 ‘All that glisters is not gold’: metal threads in medieval Iberian textiles

Ana Cabrera, Museo del Traje, Madrid

10h20 Discussion


10h40 Medieval Castilian Garments and their Arabic Names

Dolores Serrano-Niza, University of La Laguna

11h00 Discussion


11h20 Coffee Break


11h40 Clothing, furnishing, ceremonies and documents in the Castilian Court in the thirteenth to fourteenth centuries

María Barrigón, Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid

12h00 Discussion


12h20 Lunch


Chair: Gale Owen-Crocker


14h30 Fabric and attire in the Navarre court

Merche Osés, Dpto. de Educación, Gobierno de Navarra

14h50 Discussion


15h10 Textile Production and Jewish Clothing in the Iberian Peninsula: characteristics, customs and differences between communities

Esperança Valls, Institut d’Estudis Món Juïc, Barcelona

15h30 Discussion


15h50 Coffee Break


16h10 How Muslims dressed in medieval Portugal – identity and visibility

Filomena Barros, University of Évora

16h30 Discussion


16h50 The garment and the difference: the attire of Portuguese Jews and New Christians (conversos) during the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries

Susana Bastos Mateus University of Évora (PIUDHist)

17h10 Discussion


18h00 End of works






Scientific board

Gale Owen-Crocker (University of Manchester)
Nahum Ben-Yehuda (Bar Ilan University)

Maria Barrigón (Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid)
Joana Sequeira (CITCEM, FLUP)

Organising Committee

Joana Sequeira, director (CITCEM, FLUP)
Maria Barrigón (Patrimonio Nacional, Madrid)
Ana Clarinda Cardoso (CITCEM, FLUP)
André Silva (CITCEM, FLUP)


Marlene Cruz
Vanessa Sousa
Marta Sofia Costa


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