CALL FOR PAPERS: CEM|Culture, Space and Memory Magazine, no. 18
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Territory and Landscape

CALL FOR PAPERS: CEM|Culture, Space and Memory Magazine, no. 18

CITCEM – Transdisciplinary Research Center “Culture, Space and Memory” invites submissions of articles for its journal CEM/Cultura, Espaço e Memória, Vol. 18, 1st semester 2024, on the theme
Archaeology of Sound

Converging lines of work from the “Territories and Landscapes” and “Material and Intangible Heritage” research groups, and seeking a transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach in line with CITCEM’s vocation, this issue of the journal aims to build a thematic dossier around the importance of bells in their most diverse dimensions. This brings together contributions from the fields of History, Art History, Archaeology, Anthropology, Literature, Musical Sciences, etc.

In order to gather the widest range of contributions, we invite the national and international scientific community to submit proposals for papers in the following or related thematic areas:

  • the manufacturing processes (artisanal or industrial, old or new, factory or on-site casting…);
  • the oldest examples of preserved bells in Portugal;
  • the contents of the bell inscriptions and their interpretation;
  • the devotions associated with bells and how they reinforce them;
  • the role of bell ringing (and, more broadly, music) in religiosity and in shaping parish spaces. The types of touch, their uses and regulation, meanings and functions;
  • the apotropaic value of touch and civil uses
  • artistic aspects of bells: iconography, heraldry and protective symbols;
  • the contribution of bell towers to the composition of religious architecture through the ages;
  • Methodologies for analyzing and interpreting the heritage of these objects.

In addition to the different contributions, CITCEM will organize a Dossier on bell casting structures detected in the context of archaeological interventions in temples or cloisters, seeking to standardize the known data and establish a state of the art.

Acceptance of texts will be subject to peer review.

In addition to the Thematic Dossier, the CEM Journal accepts other studies such as news and critical reviews.

Languages accepted: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish


Editors: Mário Jorge Barroca (CITCEM/FLUP) and Diana Felícia (CITCEM/FCT).