“The other pandemic: HIV/AIDS” interview with Ana Abecasis

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"The other pandemic: HIV/AIDS" interview with Ana Abecasis

Considered by experts as one of the great pandemics of our times, what do we know about the origins of HIV/AIDS? Can scientists, in the short term, succeed in winning the competition against this disease? And what effects does Covid-19 have on people with human immunodeficiency virus?

The answer to these and other questions is given by Ana Abecasis, currently director of the international public health and biostatistics unit at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine at the New University of Lisbon (IHMT-UNL), interviewed about “The other pandemic: HIV/AIDS”.

The interview can be seen through the following link:

The podcast version of this interview and others within this initiative, will be available through Casa Comum at the University of Porto.