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Doc Tradição e Inovação



How can the creative potential of the Covilhã region be exploited in the future? How can we contribute to the Covilhã Creative City of Design knowledge network (UNESCO NETWORK, 2021)?

These were the questions that challenged Slavisa Lamounier in her Master’s project in Communication and Management in Creative Industries, developed at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Porto, and were the basis of an investigation that resulted in the documentary film “Tradition and Innovation: the thread that weaves past and future”.

With the role of the Debuxador at the center of the narrative, the documentary addresses the traditional aspects that identify the Covilhã region and points to the innovative actions that are currently being designed with a view to the future of the region’s textile industry.

Slavisa Lamounier is responsible for directing, with the support of Carlos Coelho Costa, Maria Manuela Pinto and Rita Salvado; Megalito Media for production; and Flávio Sequeira for voiceover. The project was also supported by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto (FLUP); the Master’s Degree in Communication and Management of Creative Industries (MCGIC); the Creative Industries Accelerator Laboratory (Creia.Lab – CITCEM); the Beira Interior University (UBI) and the Wool Museum of the Beira Interior University (MUSLAN).

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