Suzan Massoumi

Suzan Massoumi

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– Degree in French Language and Literature. Islam-Iran.
– Master’s degree in Teaching French as a foreign language. Dissertation entitled: “Sous le Soleil de Satan”.Tehran- Iran.
– Diploma of Advanced Studies: Letters, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences- Field of study: Arts, aesthetics, comparative literature. Dissertation entitled: “Pierre Loti, l’Orientaliste”. Paris VII – France.
Research project: critical analysis of the film “To be or not to be” directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Paris VII Denis Diderot, France.
– Ph.D. in Romance Literatures and Cultures; Department of Comparative Literature – Major field of study: Travel Literature. Thesis entitled: “Occident, Orient: Itinéraires, Regards, Croisements”. Porto – Portugal.
– Private Teacher of Farsi Language and Persian Culture Courses. Zurich – Switzerland