Sofia Nunes Vechina

Sofia Nunes Vechina

Researcher Group
Biographical note

D. in Portuguese Art History from the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, in 2017.
Integrated Researcher of the R&D Unit CITCEM/FLUP (Center of Transdisciplinary Research Culture, Space and Memory).
Advisor to Norte 41º – Center for Architecture, Creativity and Sustainability, of the Order of Architects – Northern Regional Section.
The various published works have as their main focus research in the History of Architecture and of the integrated religious and civil heritage from the 16th century to the first half of the 20th century, of which the doctoral thesis on “Artistic Dynamics in the Old Ecclesiastical County of Feira. Patronage Law in Parish Churches. Repercussion of the conciliar norms from Trent to Vatican II” (2017) and the articles: “Ceramic ornamentation in the city of Ovar. The allegories and the treaty of Cesare Ripa – case-study” (2012); “The Reflection of International Art in the Polychrome Tiles of Válega” (2012); “Typological Characterization of the Facades of the Parish Churches of the Old Ecclesiastical County of Feira (17th- 20th centuries)” (2018); “Two-nave churches: function and meaning in Portuguese religious architecture” (2021, co-authored); “Criteria and solutions in the transformation of the morphology of the building of Rua das Flores (1837-1916)” (in press, co-authored).