Paulo Alexandre Morgado e Cunha

Paulo Alexandre Morgado e Cunha

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Graduated in History in 2017 by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto and Master in Medieval Studies in 2019 by the same institution, with the dissertation “As Feiras no Portugal Medieval (1125-1521): Evolution, Organization and Articulation”. He was a research fellow in the project “MedCrafts. Crafts regulation in Portugal in the Late Middle Ages (14th-15th centuries)” [PTDC/HAR-HIS/31427/2017]. He is currently developing a PhD project at FLUP, entitled “The metallurgical industry in Portugal in the XIII-XVI centuries”, under the supervision of Prof. Luís Miguel Duarte, Prof.Arnaldo Melo and Prof.Ricardo Córdoba [2020 .06224.BD]. Her research interests are in Economic and Social History of the Middle Ages, with a focus on the study of the production and organization of labor, the circulation of goods and knowledge, and the discourse of councils in the Cortes.