Maria Aurora Botão Rego

Maria Aurora Botão Rego

Researcher Group
Biographical note

She currently works as a historian for the Caminha City Hall. She has been a researcher at CITCEM (Center for Transdisciplinary Research, Culture, Space and Memory) at FLUP/UM since 2007, in the History of Populations Group and ADEH (Iberian Association of Historical Demography). He has participated with papers in numerous national and international congresses, collaborated with dozens of articles in regional, national and foreign scientific journals.

He is currently coordinating the Reconstruction of the Historical Communities of the municipality of Caminha and the Reconstruction of the Historical Community of the city of Viana do Castelo, in collaboration with the Municipality of Caminha, the Senior Academy of Caminha, Casa de Sarmento de Guimarães, the Regional Studies Center of Viana do Castelo and the Senior Academy of Viana do Castelo.
Published books:
– From Santa Marinha de Gontinhães to Vila Praia de Âncora. Demography, Society and Family (1624-1924). Ed. Parish Council of Vila Praia de Âncora. 2013.
– The municipality of Caminha. Population, heritage and economy (1758-1849). Ed. USRCC. 2013.
– Travels to Newfoundland – Memories of a Time. Ed. Municipality of Caminha. 2016.
– Travels to Newfoundland – Brands. Ed. Municipality of Caminha. 2017.
– The Portuguese Way of the Coast through the municipality of Caminha. Ed. Municipality of Caminha. 2018.
– Religious Heritage of Riba de Âncora
– Firemen of V.P.Âncora – 100 years serving