Luís Miguel Carvalho da Silva

Luís Miguel Carvalho da Silva

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Biographical note

Luís Miguel Carvalho da Silva holds a Master’s degree in Contemporary History from the University of Porto and is a researcher at the Transdisciplinary Research Center “Culture, Space, and Memory”.

In the beginning of his academic career he studied the Portuguese participation in the First World War, specializing in the analysis of sources such as diaries and war memoirs. He produced several research works related to the religious life of the Portuguese combatants. His study on Religious Freedom in the context of war earned him the Religious Freedom Prize in 2019.

In recent years he has been studying the relations between the Portuguese State and the Catholic Church. The History of Spirituality and Mysticism in Portugal in the 20th century has also merited his attention. Several of your articles on these matters are about to be published.

He is currently on a scholarship from the Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia and is pursuing his PhD in History at the University of Porto. His current research focuses on the figure of D. Sebastião Soares de Resende and the Portuguese colonial presence in Mozambique between 1943 and 1967.

From a technical and methodological point of view, he has worked with a wide and diverse set of sources: such as diaries, pastorals, homilies, correspondence, annual reports, technical studies and inspection reports, newspapers, magazines, travel notebooks, and memoirs.

His activity as a researcher has focused on four areas:
– Military History: the Portuguese participation in World War I
– History of Spirituality and Mysticism in Portugal
– Biography of Religious and History of the Catholic Church in the 20th Century
– History of the Portuguese Colonial Presence and Mission in Mozambique