Ligia Bellini

Ligia Bellini

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D. in History from the University of Essex, UK (1992). He was a research fellow at King’s College (1998-1999 and 2010-2011) and Heythrop College (2004-2005), University of London. She is a retired Full Professor from the Federal University of Bahia, where she acts as Special Participant and Permanent Professor of the Graduate Program in History. Author of A Coisa Obscura: Mulher, Sodomia e Inquisição no Brasil Colonial (1st edition São Paulo: Brasiliense, 1989; 2nd edition Salvador: EDUFBA, 2014), O Grande Fulcro: Representation of the Body and Medical Culture in Renaissance Portugal (São Paulo: Editora UNIFESP, 2016) and several articles on the history of Luso-Brazilian world culture in the modern period. In this area of research, her main interests are writing practices, particularly of women; conceptions of history; and monastic life.