Inês de Carvalho Costa

Inês de Carvalho Costa

Researcher: FCT Scholarship
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Inês de Carvalho Costa is a researcher at CITCEM and a research fellow at FCT. Costa is currently doing his PhD in Heritage Studies at FLUP, where he is developing the research project “Cultural Heritage and Human Rights: Ibero-American Experiences (2000s)”. To date (2022), he has thirteen papers (seven international and six national), five publications (three individual and two collective) and a master’s dissertation (unpublished), but available at RCAAP. Along the way, Costa has participated in several forums, summits, summer schools, and (inter)national consortia. The PhD student was responsible for conducting two scientific reviews of digital exhibitions for the Google Arts & Culture platform and a critical translation of a Springer book chapter. Inês Costa is one of the founders of the informal international network of young heritage professionals, Heritageeks, with whom she organized a webinar in partnership with the Heritage Management Organization, in the scope of UNESCO-Mondiacult (2022).