Elvira Azevedo Mea

Elvira Azevedo Mea

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Member of merit of the Portuguese Academy of History, of the World Union of Jewish Studies, of the International Brotherhood of Researchers of Toledo, of the Scientific Council of the Portuguese Association of Jewish Studies, of the Portugal-Israel Friendship Association, she has given conferences, organized and participated in congresses and lectured in several national and foreign universities, such as Helsinki, Nancy, Paris, Rennes, London, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Naples, Udine, Jerusalem, Montreal, New York, Miami, Dakar, Salvador da Baía, S. Paulo, Cordoba (Argentina), etc.Paulo, Cordoba (Argentina)etc..
He was president of the Center for African Studies at the University of Porto (1999-2010), where he coordinated and conducted interdisciplinary research on Africa, organized and taught the Master’s and PhD programs in African Studies, which twice took place in Cape Verde. historical linked
With an historical research related mainly to Judaism, New-Christians, Inquisition, Marranism and African History, in the social, cultural and mentalities scope, she is the author of dozens of works published in the country and abroad, among which the books stand out:
“Sephardism in Portuguese Culture,” Paisagem, Porto, 1974.
“Sentences of the Inquisition of Coimbra on Metropolitans of Friar Bartolomeu dos Mártires (1567- 1582),” Portuguese Dominican Historical Archive, Porto, 1982.
“The Inquisition of Coimbra in the 16th Century. A Instituição, os Homens e a Sociedade”, Fundação Eng. António de Almeida, Oporto, 1997.
2nd Edition Fac simile in 2021.
“BEN-ROSH. Arthur Carlos de Barros Basto, o Apóstolo dos Marranos,Edit. Afrontamento, Porto, 1997.
Eça de Queiroz” Biographical Essay Prize from the Lisbon City Council, 1997.
“Amílcar Paulo, o Delfim do Capitão Barros Basto”, Evolua Edições, Porto, 2020.
“The Jewish Port. Encruzilhada de Vidas nos Caminhos da História”, Evolua Edições, Porto, 2020.

Coordinator and researcher of the research project SOURCES AND RESEARCH OF MISSIONARY HISTORIES IN AFRICA. ARCHIVES AND ACQUISTS (XVIII-XXI CENTURES), which includes the University of Porto and other European and six Brazilian universities.

He advises PhD and Post-Doctoral dissertations of Portuguese and foreign students, and is also a member of juries of PhD theses and other career degrees of Portuguese and foreign universities.
He participates in editorial and scientific review boards of journals, scientific committees, etc.

President of the Direction of the NGDO “AFRICA SOLIDARIEDADE” with an activity of help to the Songo Hospital (Mozambique), restructuring of a small farm in S. Tomé, for multipurpose use of a community of about 5000 people (day care center, primary and secondary education, day care home for the elderly, free time activities), accompaniment and support to African students in Higher Education in Portugal or in their countries.

He belongs to the Group of Sciences of Religions at the Lusófona University, as well as to the Scientific Council of the University’s journal.
He belongs to the group of Consultants of the Jewish Museum of Lisbon,