Arrizete Cleide de Lemos Costa

Arrizete Cleide de Lemos Costa

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He holds a BA in History (Federal University of Alagoas), an MA and a PhD (Federal University of Pernambuco), and a post-doctorate (Center for Transdisciplinary Research Culture, Space and Memory/Department of History and Political and International Studies, Faculty of Letters, University of Porto/Portugal). She is an Associate Professor at the Federal University of Alagoas/Brazil and works in the Graduate Program in History and in the Undergraduate Programs in History (Bachelor and Degree). It is dedicated to teaching, research, and extension in the following fields: Epistemology of History: Theory of History, Methods of History, Historiography, History of Contemporary Ideas, Cultural History, and Environmental Knowledge. She is the leader/researcher of the Research Group: Document, Images and Narratives – GPDIN/UFAL/CNPq and researcher at CITCEM/FLUP/Portugal.