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Glocal Representations
Glocal Representations

The activities of this IMG focus on the study of international dialogue and literary, cultural, and historiographical discourses of modern societies and the past. Its goal is to pursue a debate between the fields of international relations and literary studies, crossing research and critical thinking on literary studies, with a focus on political and cultural relations.

The approach underlying this IG presupposes broad trans- and interdisciplinary discussions on the construction of identity processes in a global context, as well as an analysis of the principles of theory and practice of post-national literary aesthetics on national and transnational stages.

This IM develops research and promotes activities based on this framework, developing multidisciplinary collaborations with researchers and international research groups; receives and trains graduate students, integrating them into research networks; promotes and participates in CITCEM’s joint dissemination and outreach activities.

Drawing on the diverse strands of international dialogue – including literary and political theories and practices – and the experience and research interests of its members, the GOI seeks to expand the scope of its research to the intersection between local and international/global dialogues and their literary expression, captured in the concept of “Local Representations.”

The research focus on the concept of “Glocality” provides a key contribution to the current CITCEM strategy, namely to the general topic of “Migrations and Permeabilities”, by allowing broad approaches, crossing the local and the global in their political and cultural dimensions.