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Education and Societal Challenges
Education and Societal Challenges

The GI “Education and Societal Challenges” has formal and informal education as its main focus, and covers interrelated areas such as Education, Art, Cinema, and Museology, understood as privileged avenues for research on the construction of plural memories, history of education and education for heritage preservation, development of innovative educational services in museological contexts, and new digital channels, speeding up forms of social awareness.

The GI is made up of a multidisciplinary research team that includes specialists from areas such as History, Education, Museology, and the Audiovisual sector. Through pedagogical exhibitions, applied research, and a variety of dissemination channels, its researchers converge towards the group’s main goal: to produce and make available outputs of high social relevance.
Through an international framework, the GOI explores civic and social education in its broadest scope, seeking, for example, to highlight the role of education systems in social inclusion processes or to launch the debate on traumatic pasts or those involved in processes of conflicting memory construction.

The IM has promoted and organized a wide range of events and dissemination activities (such as, for example, international conferences and publications); it has also established and strengthened institutional partnerships with other national and foreign research centers, while maintaining a strong and committed collaboration with Portuguese public schools.

The goal of the GI “Education and Societal Challenges” is to emphasize, through transdisciplinary contributions, the various ways in which History and History Education influence different national and transnational communities, triggering societal change. These approaches are considered particularly relevant in light of the current migrations and permeabilities that the European continent is witnessing – in line with CITCEM’s main theme for this new phase.