Launching of the book “From Portugal to Macau (A Viagem do Pátria)”.

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Launching of the book "From Portugal to Macau (A Viagem do Pátria)".

CITCEM, together with Edições Afrontamento and WGBooks, invite to the launching of the book
From Portugal to Macau (A Viagem do Pátria)
. Its presentation will be made by Armando Malheiro da Silva (Full Professor/FLUP) and will take place on June 16, at 6pm, at the Anfiteatro Nobre da Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

Given that, in compliance with current sanitary measures, the Anfiteatro Nobre (Noble Amphitheater) can only hold up to 23 people, those interested in attending are asked to confirm their intention at the following address, so that the space can be managed:


Researchers who cannot attend the session can watch it through the zoom colibri platform, through the following link:


Meeting ID: 961 5742 9806

Password: 277620


From Portugal to Macao (A Viagem do Pátria)

A few years before the centennial of the Lisbon-Macau air raid that took place between April 7th and June 20th, 1924, the re-edition of José Manuel Sarmento de Beires’ From Portugal to Macau takes on a celebratory meaning in advance. The journey […] was indeed an extraordinary feat of aeronautical engineering and pioneering aviation, recognized internationally. In Portugal, during the almost three months that the air crossing lasted, the whole country was suspended from the news that arrived about the success of its aviators. As a narrative of the journey of the Pátria airplane, in the context of the risk of a pioneering crossing without state support, this book by Sarmento de Beires is of undeniable interest to aviation enthusiasts and to those interested in Portuguese events during this neuralgic period of the First Republic. But the relevance of the work, written in a testimonial register and with a literary edge that does not escape the reader, naturally extends to a diversified public, for it narrates a real adventure, in which the heroes are flesh and blood and live through countless high-risk situations.