Irina Podgorny’s online workshop available on CITCEM’s YouTube channel

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Irina Podgorny's online workshop available on CITCEM's YouTube channel

The video of Professor Irina Podgorny’s online workshop is now available on CITCEM‘s YouTube channel. Professor Irina Podgorny is an anthropologist, principal investigator at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, and director of the Historical Archive of the Museo de la Plata in Argentina. CITCEM, in collaboration with CIDEHUS / Univ. of Évora and the Erasmus Mundus TPTI Master, organized this workshop, on October 2nd, dedicated to the theme “Archives, Museums and Science Collections: intersections of the production of scientific knowledge”, which was coordinated by Helena Santos from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and which aimed to discuss the role of archives, museums and their collections in the History of Science pointing out the challenges that the ‘digital age’ poses to the production of scientific knowledge. The initiative also had the support of the Pharmacy Museum of Porto and APOM – Portuguese Museology Association.


The video can be seen through the following link: