Interdisciplinary Colloquium “Crossed Times: Dialogue between History, Anthropology and Archaeology”
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Territory and Landscape

Interdisciplinary Colloquium "Crossed Times: Dialogue between History, Anthropology and Archaeology"

The Interdisciplinary Colloquium presents cases and questions that call for the multiple relationships among three related disciplines: History, Anthropology, and Archaeology.

Such relationships are so deep and frequent that possibly no work can be done on one of them without, in some more or less explicit way, implicating the others, taken in their broad sense.

In fact, they are all historical disciplines, dealing with the radical historicity of the human being and the communities in which he lives; they are all anthropological disciplines, insofar as they imply or propose a certain vision of the human being and society; finally, one cannot be human without a very particular relationship with landscape, space, objects of all dimensions – this object world is the one that archaeology focuses on, seeking to extract historical information and anthropological significance from it.


Admission is free and no registration is required.


Organizing Entities:

CITCEM – Center for Transdisciplinary Research on Culture, Space and Memory

SPAE – Portuguese Society of Anthropology and Ethnology

ADECAP – Association for the Development of Cooperation in Peninsular Archaeology