Gaspar Martins Pereira’s interview to JN História

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Gaspar Martins Pereira's interview to JN História

The 26th issue of JN História published an interview with Gaspar Martins Pereira, coordinator of the Research Group “Transaction Values/Values in Transition”, current member of the Executive Committee of CITCEM and the first Scientific Coordinator of this R&D Unit. He talked about research and teaching in COVID-19 times, he talked about his academic career, and, by the way, about his personal career, assuming he is someone who cannot separate the conditions of being a teacher, historian, and citizen. He talked about Porto, the Douro, and the commemorations in Porto of the 200th anniversary of the Liberal Revolution. And he talked about CITCEM. And from his last FCT evaluation, fortiter in re, suaviter in modo.

CITCEM is proud to count Gaspar Martins Pereira among its researchers and scientific coordinators and is perplexed by the results of the FCT panel for the evaluation of History and Archaeology, whose Claimsubmitted by CITCEM in January 2020, is still under review. CITCEM will discuss this matter again in the appropriate forums. Now is the time to congratulate ourselves with the public visibility, in the media, of a researcher of undisputed prestige at a national and international level.


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