FLUP| 1 Senior Technician | CITCEM (Ref.ª 1)

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FLUP| 1 Senior Technician | CITCEM (Ref.ª 1)

A recruitment and selection process is open until January 5, 2021, for the admission of a Senior Technician, under an individual employment contract under private law, for a fixed term, for a period of 24 months, for the Transdisciplinary Center “Culture, Space and Memory” (CITCEM), under the Pluriannual Funding Program Contract for R&D Units 2020-2023, established between the Foundation for Science and Technology, I. P. (FCT) and the R&D Unit “Culture, Space and Memory” (CITCEM) (Base Funding – UIDB/04059/2020).P. (FCT), the FLUP and the R&D Unit Centro Transdisciplinar “Cultura, Espaço e Memória” (CITCEM) (Base Funding – UIDB/04059/2020).

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