Ferdinand Magellan- By the Seas of the World

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Ferdinand Magellan- By the Seas of the World

The Directorate-General of Cultural Heritage, through the Soares dos Reis National Museum (MNSR), and in partnership with the Mission Structure for the Commemorations of the 5th Centennial of the First Circum-Navigation and with the support of CITCEM, promotes until October 16th the temporary exhibition “Ferdinand Magellan- By the Seas of the Whole World”.

The exhibition focuses on the expedition initially conceived and commanded by Ferdinand Magellan, later completed by Sebastian Elcano, and alludes to important discoveries for the knowledge of the world, such as the Pacific Ocean.

A visit to the exhibition allows a greater knowledge about Ferdinand Magellan and his life paths. Without focusing exclusively on the chronological sequence of Magellan’s armada, the exhibit also allows us to learn more about the impacts and marks of the “Magellanic footprint” in the present.

The circuit is composed of a set of documents from national and foreign archives, cartography, treaties, and various correspondence, with emphasis on the unavoidable Treaty of Tordesillas, from the Torre do Tombo National Archives. It also includes numerous examples of the material culture of the peoples of Melanesia, a region in Oceania.

The exhibition can be visited, free or guided, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 6pm.