Events: Launching of the book “The Construction of Freedom(s)


Salão Nobre | Reitoria da Universidade do Porto

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Launching of the book "The Construction of Freedom(s)

The 200th anniversary of the Porto Revolution was the motto, and from the Congress Commemorating the Bicentennial of the 1820 Liberal Revolution came the book “A Construção da(s) Liberdade(s)”, co-edited by U.Porto Press and CITCEM, with the support of the Porto City Hall.

The launching of the work will take place on May 9, at 6pm, at the Salão Nobre, Reitoria da Universidade do Porto. Amélia Polónia, FLUP professor and CITCEM coordinator, will be in charge of the presentation.

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“The history of freedom spans all ages, as an idea and as a struggle against the deprivation of freedom and tyranny, slavery,

servitude or other forms of oppression. The conceptions of individual and collective freedom have taken on different meanings in their relationship
with the structure of societies, economic systems, cultural environment and power relations, throughout history, but there have always been individual or collective actions of resistance to the various forms of deprivation
of freedom.

If the Contemporary Era consecrated freedom as a principle and as an elementary and universal right of citizenship, in the various dimensions of human life, (…) it also established limits to the enjoyment of freedoms, whether in the name of other rights, such as equality among citizens, or for social, political or cultural reasons. The construction of freedoms and the social and political practices to ensure this right are therefore not one-way and linear (…).

In the history of the struggles for freedom in Portugal, Porto has always played an active role (…) it was in Porto that the first liberal revolution was triggered and it was also in Porto that liberalism eventually triumphed, in the context of the civil war, in which the city withstood a hard siege of more than a year, in 1832-1833. It was therefore considered pertinent to integrate this congress into the program of the Bicentennial Commemorations of the Liberal Revolution of August 24, 1820, promoted by the Porto City Hall.”