Events: “Health Literacy, Internet, and the challenge of misinformation”


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"Health Literacy, Internet, and the challenge of misinformation"

“This initiative “Perspectives on Health Literacy: from research to action” intends to bring together different agents of the field of health to discuss and promote national and international perspectives in the field of health literacy and consequently promote the advancement of knowledge about research and practice on health literacy.
Health literacy is a critical determinant of public health and health promotion with a profound impact on citizens’ empowerment and wellbeing.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) efforts to raise health, literacy will be crucial for full achievement of the social, economic, and environmental ambitions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Meeting the health literacy needs of vulnerable societies will accelerate progress in reducing all types of inequalities.
The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented health crisis that highlighted the vital role health literacy plays in saving lives during a Pandemic emergency.

One recurrent failure in the implementation of programs, plans, and action projects to improve health literacy evidences the missing link between research and practice, as well as in collaborative networking. The literature confirms that there is an urgent need for innovation, promote inter-collaboration of institutions and agents (nationally and internationally), stimulate participatory practices from society, and inform public health policies that will positively impact societies, institutions, and individuals.”