Events: Fernando Blanco Robles | “Las fuentes clásicas como condicionantes de las crónicas medievales”



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Fernando Blanco Robles | "Las fuentes clásicas como condicionantes de las crónicas medievales"

The Chronistics Group of the University of Porto organizes another session dedicated to medieval chronicles. The third session will be led by Fernando Blanco Robles, who proposes an analysis of the influence that certain ideas and accounts elaborated during antiquity operated in the writing of medieval chronicles.

Fernando Blanco Robles holds a degree in History from the University of Valladolid and a Master’s in History of Antiquity from the Complutense and Autonomous Universities of Madrid. He is currently developing his research and teaching work at the University of Valladolid. His focus is mainly on the Roman period, from the Republic to Late Antiquity, namely the study of imperial Roman society through epigraphy and anti-Roman and anti-imperial propaganda.

The speaker has an eclectic scientific background focused on several topics, such as early Christianity, Hispanic ideology in imperial space, and the reception of classical historiography and literatures in medieval chronology. We thus seek, in this session, to analyze medieval chronistics from its relation to classical sources.