Events: European Researchers’ Night 2022 | A story that flows: tales about the future of water cultures


Braga | Altice Forum Braga

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European Researchers' Night 2022 | A story that flows: tales about the future of water cultures

On September 30th, between 4pm and midnight, at the Altice Forum Braga, CITCEM will be represented at the European Researchers’ Night with the activity “A story that runs: tales about the future of water cultures”.

This activity proposes the creation of a collective story about the future of a hypothetical river that flows into the sea in the northern region of Portugal, more precisely fifty years from now.

The goal is to get visitors to NEI2022 to question their relationship with river and sea areas and to think about the future and sustainability of these areas.

To build this story, each participant will be able to choose an image among the several previously made available by the team and, on a transparent sheet of paper, draw/write a step in the “tale”, that is, a part of the story to superimpose on the chosen image. The next participant will continue the story, based on what was done by the previous one, and so on. To start the story, the team will provide a starting point to inspire them.