Events: Call for papers | 50th anniversary of April 25th | International Congress


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Comissão Comemorativa 50 Anos 25 de Abril, IHC – NOVA FCSH, CES – Universidade de Coimbra, ICS – Universidade de Lisboa, Universidade do Minho , CITCEM

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Call for papers | 50th anniversary of April 25th | International Congress

Fifty years later, the 25th of April and the revolutionary process of 1974-75 continue to be the subject of discussion in various disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. Especially in recent decades, debates around the Revolution have sought to go beyond the pioneering studies on the political and military process, through multiple approaches that help to understand it in all its complexity: social transformations and grassroots political participation; international contexts, particularly with regard to the processes of anti-colonial struggle and the Cold War; political and social dynamics in their regional diversity; the political economy of the Revolution; the repertoires of struggle and the written, visual and musical languages; the role of the Revolution and its memory in global history and in democratic Portuguese society; the processes of patrimonialization, musealization and preservation of memories; comparative analyses with other revolutions and transitions to democratic systems.

The occasion of the fiftieth anniversary thus appears as an opportunity to take stock of the situation and discuss, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the future of studies on the Revolution. In this sense, the International Congress 50 years of the 25th of April calls for the participation of researchers from such diverse areas as sociology, history, economics, political science, international relations, anthropology, art history, and artistic and literary studies. Priority is given to innovative approaches in the thematic areas mentioned above that contribute to the strengthening of knowledge of this founding moment of our contemporaneity.