Session proposer: Hugo Barreira (Material and Immaterial Patrimony)

Title/General session theme: “Images, sounds and representations: from the ontology of the medium to the intermediality”

Name of the speakers and their paper titles:

East-West relations in cinema – Ana Carolina Afonso Resende

LUMINOUS VOID: reflections on synesthesia, meaning and materiality in the experimental moving image – Andréa M. Diogo

Portuguese cinema and film culture seen by foreigners: forms of dissemination and internationalization – Joana Isabel Duarte

The music and its imagetic construction: a journey through the covers of Portuguese rock albums – Ana Cláudia Coelho Carvalho.

Video as a means of artistic expression: technical components and aesthetic values – Mauro dos Santos Gonçalves


This session will be held in a face-to-face format, in Meeting Room 1, with free admission.


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