“Epidemiological outbreaks in overseas spaces” interview with Amélia Polónia

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"Epidemiological outbreaks in overseas spaces" interview with Amélia Polónia

What relationship existed between travel and epidemic outbreaks? What diseases did Europeans carry to the new worlds, and which did they encounter in those overseas territories? What paths of historiographical research are yet to be taken?

Amélia Polónia, current scientific coordinator of the Center for Transdisciplinary Research Culture, Space and Memory and professor at the Faculty of Arts, University of Porto, is the one who answers these questions. A specialist in the History of Portuguese Overseas Expansion and the History of European Colonization, she is recognized for her work in the fields of Colonial Studies, Port History, and Gender Studies. Amélia Polónia participates in this initiative to talk about “Epidemiological outbreaks in overseas spaces”.

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