Articles of CITCEM’s researchers published in the JN História

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Articles of CITCEM's researchers published in the JN História

The 27th issue of JN História counted with the participation of Amândio Barros and Carla Ribeiro, researchers from CITCEM and professors at Escola Superior de Educação do Instituto Politécnico do Porto.

“The Slaves of the Ship “Conceição”” is the title of Amândio Barros’ article. The author reflects on the history of slavery in the Modern Age. The Atlantic slave trade is the focus of this piece on a theme considered by the author to be essential to the long term empire building process. A “business” that involved large capitalists and commercial networks, which has its genesis in the Middle Ages, but which was consolidated in the Modern Age. Amândio Barros takes the itinerary of the ship Conceição as a case study, analyzing some aspects of this phenomenon, to which the Portuguese were deeply attached. An extremely relevant article that demonstrates a reality that continues to shock and mobilize the contemporary world.

Carla Ribeiro publishes the article “Adventures and Misadventures of Portuguese films in the 1930s and 1940s”, the basis both of the cover of this issue of JN História and of the reference by Pedro Olavo Simões, author of “Os fascismos europeus projetados no tela”, published in the same issue. Carla Ribeiro talks about Portuguese cinema in the beginning of the Estado Novo and its relevance as a tool used to provoke the senses above reflection, functioning as an effective “weapon” in the hands of power, especially of single ideology states. The author analyzes several scenes taken from well-known Portuguese films of the time. It develops a reflection on the way cinema became an ideal channel for propaganda and the production of an institutional and manipulated history, at a time when the theatricalization of these ideologies resulted in an interdependent relationship between languages of power and cinema.


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