Rachda rash neddar

Investigador Integrado

Informação pessoal

Nome: Rachda rash neddar

Agregação: Investigador Integrado

Grau académico: Mestrado

Categoria profissional:

Instituição: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto

Email: n.raasha@gmail.com


I am a PhD student in Porto University in Language Sciences. I did my master degree in Language, communication and culture in Mostaganem University (Algeria). My Master dissertation was about a comparison between textbooks used both in Algeria and Portugal High schools. My primary research interests lie in development of foreign languages students’ cultural awareness and productive communicative competence. My further research interests include cross-cultural pragmatics and intercultural communication.

Grupos de investigação

DC - Cultura Digital

Grau académico

Instituição: Mostaganem University (Algeria)

Ano: 2019

Grau: Master

Instituição: Mostaganem University (Algeria)

Ano: 2016

Grau: Bachelor in English Linguistics, literature and civilisation

Instituição: Hunguk Univeristy of Forgein Studies

Ano: 2015

Grau: Summer Program in Asian/Korean Studies

Teses de Mestrado / Doutoramento / Pós-Doutoramento

Grammar Presentation Approach in Algerian Versus Portuguese First Year Secondary school textbooks of English

Atividade científica

Digital culture, Education, Cross-Cultural Pragmatics, Intercultural Communication and Comunicative Competence